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Solar Ends Growth

Henry Robertson
Sun shines, winds blow

Plants grow, waters flow

They’re all sunshine in the end

Sunshine is the one great flow


Electricity’s a flow

Use it now or it will go

Save some in a battery

You’ve only moved a piece of flow


We’ve been told but it’s not so

The economy can always grow

The black stuff in the ground

Is fossils of an ancient flow


300 million years ago

Plants locked in an age’s flow

Then it slumbered underground

Until a drill burrowed below


Men pulled it from its rest

In its buried treasure chest

They burned it to make wondrous things

No one had ever guessed


“By coal and oil we’re blessed!”

They hastened to attest

Not knowing we would pay a price

For this mischievous guest


Its heat is not compressed

But travels east and west

To clear the air of its fell smoke

We must forsake it as a pest


But how can we divest

A boon so manifest?

Ages of sun in useful form

It gave us as bequest


Solar flow is steadiest

No trick of compound interest

Gives finite stuff the power of endless growth

Ash is useless to invest


From excess dissent

Growth has to relent

Go with the flow, live in real time

Or brace for descent