Produce less. Distribute it fairly. Create a greener world for all.

About GST

We live in a capitalist economic system that is based on continued growth which threatens the survival of humans and most animals and plants. This economic system is protected by a military-cultural-political system that maintains global domination.

Our challenge is to advocate and create an alternative that empowers people across the planet while establishing a new economy and global social order based on equity, social justice, and peace. We believe that only a truly democratic economic order can enhance the quality of life. Achieving that requires eliminating unnecessary production, drastically reducing the US military, ensuring the satisfaction of needs for all people, and placing the survivability of the ecosphere at the center of our social, political, and cultural life.

In 1981 several people who rejected the authoritarianism of vanguard parties founded the magazine Workers’ Democracy. Influenced by environmentalism, they changed the name to Regeneration in 1991. It merged with the Green Synthesis publication in 1993 and became Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought. In 2013 the name was shortened to Green Social Thought. Since 2015, Green Social Thought (GST) has been an online publication seeking a wider audience while continuing the important discussion that was started decades ago.

GST welcomes the reading, thinking, and writing of all who recognize this threat to life on this planet, and who want to actively become part of the solution.

GST is edited by a group of dedicated volunteers. You can find books written or edited by some of GST’s editors here.

Article Submissions

GST appreciates submissions that meet our criteria for articles.  We are especially interested in original material, although we will consider high-quality work that has been published previously to which we can link.

Keep in mind that our unique focus is on (a) producing less, while (b) distributing it fairly, in order to(c) produce a greener world for all.

To Submit an article, be sure to read the “ABOUT GST” statement above to make sure your article is consistent with GST areas of interest.

Most GST articles are 1500 to 2000 words, though we consider articles of up to 5000 words.  To get an idea of preferred style, review other articles on our website, especially recent articles.

Make sure your article is well formatted and ready to be published in HTML.  Since we encourage substantiating information, you should either use endnotes or embedded links if appropriate for what you are writing.  The editorial board is 100% volunteers and does not have time to reformat articles.  So make sure your submission is clean of extraneous formatting and characters before submitting it.

Before preparing your submission, review the article submission form here to ensure you have all of the information you need.