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What Is Green Social Thought?

The Philosophy of Green Social Thought

We live in a capitalist economic system that is based on continued growth which threatens the survival of humans and most animals and plants. This economic system is protected by a military-cultural-political system that maintains global domination.

Our challenge is to advocate and create an alternative that empowers people across the planet, while establishing a new economy and global social order based on equity, social justice and peace. We believe that only a truly democratic economic order can enhance the quality of life. Achieving that requires eliminating unnecessary production, drastically reducing the US military, ensuring satisfaction of needs for all people, and placing the survivability of the ecosphere at the center of our social, political, and cultural life.

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Since 2015 Green Social Thought (GST) has been an on-line publication seeking a wider audience while continuing the important discussion that was started decades ago. Help spread this message!

GST welcomes the reading, thinking, and writing of all who recognize this threat to life on this planet, and who want to actively become part of the solution. We are accepting submissions of original articles, and suggestions for reprints of other articles that match our philosophy and desire for change.

Books from the Editors

Many Green Social Thought editors are authors themselves and have been working for a greener world for decades.

Check out their books and take a deeper dive on Green Social Thought.


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