Produce less. Distribute it fairly. Create a greener world for all.

Submit an Original Article OR Reprint

What kind of articles does GST accept?

GST appreciates submissions that meet our criteria for articles. We are especially interested in original material that is being published for the first time, although we will consider high-quality work that has been published previously (a reprint) to which we can link from its original publication.

Keep in mind that our unique focus is on (a) producing less, while (b) distributing it fairly, in order to(c) produce a greener world for all.

Steps for submitting an article to GST

In order submit an article to GST, please do the following things:

  1. Read the “ABOUT GST” statement above to make sure your article is consistent with GST areas of interest and fits into at least one of the categories articles are published under.
  2. Most GST articles are 1500 to 2000 words, though we consider articles of up to 5000 words. To get an idea of the preferred style, review several articles currently published.
  3. Make sure your article is well formatted. This means:
    • If your article is long enough, use properly formatted and topical headings, with H2 tags and smaller.
    • Include suitable images when possible.
    • Ensuring your article’s HTML formatting is displaying properly. If you experience unusual display, consider using an HTML cleaner on the text to remove extraneous formatting even when copying and pasting from a word processor or online source. Since we encourage substantiating information, you should either use endnotes or embedded links if appropriate for what you are writing.
    • The editorial board is 100% volunteers and does not have time to reformat articles, so make sure your submission is properly formatted and well edited or it may be rejected.
  4. Put a biographical statement at the end. If you want readers to be able to contact you, include your email address and/or website.
  5. Submit your article through the form below.

Guidelines for Reprint Material

When submitting a reprint, please ensure that you include the link to the original online publication of the article (not just another reprint). We do not require that you be the author of the article to submit a reprint, only that the content is available to be reprinted and linked.

Article Submission Form

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Submitter's Name
This is your name.
This is your email.
If this is an original article and you are also the author, please repeat your name as you would like it to appear on the website.
If you are submitting a reprint please input the author’s name.
Author Bio
We urge authors to write brief biographical statements that are usually under 100 words but can be up to 200 words. You may also include a headshot. Use the media icon above to add images and the link icon to add links.
Article Type
Has the article been published before? If so, please select “reprint” and include the link to the original or earliest availabe online publication.
If this is the first time the article is being published, and you’re the author or submitting it on behalf of the author, please select “original”.
Note: If the article is an original article, do not change the publisher name and first online publication link. If the article is a reprint, be sure to update it below.
Please input the name of the first publisher to publish this article. This name should match the link below. Please find the first ever publication.
Please include the link to the first ever (aka. original) online publication. If the original online publication is no longer active, you might find it on the Wayback Machine or you can include the earliest available publication.
Article Content
– You may add images to the article by uploading them with your article using the “add media” button. You may need to use the visual editor to format your article.
– Depending on the length of the article, we encourage use of topical Heading and Subheadings. H2 headings should be the largest heading in the article. Do not include an H1 heading tag.
If you experience unusual formating, you may have hidden irregular HTML. In that case, please use an HTML Cleaner. This is commonly the case with text copied from word processing programs or online sources.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
NOTE: If you do not provide an high quality image, your article will not be able to be a featured article. High quality images: (1) look good, (2) are related to the article topic, (3) are high enough resolution (approx 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels high is ideal, but images need not match that perfectly). Images should be in a landscape (wide, not all) format to appear best on the website.
This will appear as a summary on the article page and an excerpt in SEO results and article previews. If you leave this blank, an excerpt will be automatically created from the first 200 words of the submission.
You may select more than one. You don’t have to select any.
If the tag(s) you want to add do(es)n’t exist in the list above, add them in a comma seperated list here. This must be done manually be the editor.Inputting these tags will just allow the editor to view the desired tags and they can choose to add them later.