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Welcome to our collection of articles dedicated to green politics. As our world grapples with pressing environmental and societal challenges, the green political movement emerges as a beacon of change.

These articles explore core areas of green politics such as: degrowth, demilitarization, union and worker rights, and anti-capitalism.

Discover the nuances of degrowth as we examine strategies to reshape economies, moving away from military and capitalist growth models toward a more balanced, regenerative approach. Explore the imperative of demilitarization, unraveling the environmental and social impacts of excessive military expenditures, and delving into proposals for redirecting resources towards constructive, peace-building endeavors. Anti-capitalism is a key theme, challenging the prevailing economic systems that prioritizes profit over people and the environment. Union and worker rights in politics is another key area. Our articles dissect the green political stance on restructuring economies to prioritize social justice, environmental sustainability, and community well-being.

This thought-provoking content analyzes the intersectionality of these principles, offering insights into how green politics seeks to create a world where ecological responsibility, demilitarization, and anti-capitalist values converge for the betterment of society and the planet.

We hope you enjoy these explorations of the progressive ideals of green politics, providing you with valuable perspectives, informed analyses, and potential solutions to the challenges we face. Stay engaged, informed, and inspired, and let’s pave the way toward a future guided by the principles of degrowth, demilitarization, and anti-capitalism.

Peru’s Oligarchy Overthrows President Castillo

Manolo De Los Santos

June 6, 2021, was a day which shocked many in Peru’s oligarchy. Pedro Castillo Terrones, a rural schoolteacher who had never before been elected to office, won the second round of the presidential election with just over 50.13% of the vote.  From that day on, still in disbelief, the Peruvian oligarchy declared war on Castillo. […]

An African View On Ukraine

Jacqueline Luqman

When the African people were fighting for their independence for their liberation, those who are condemning Russia today, we are not with them [then]. But they never took our side. They took the side of the colonialists. They took the side of the side of apartheid, they took their side of racist superiority against the […]

For Black Working Class Midterms Mean Nothing

Ajamu Baraka

And while the duopoly represents the primary political contradiction obscuring the reality of the dictatorship of capital, the most aggressive neoliberal actors now operate in and through the democratic party. Consequently, the unspoken character of the competition between the two parties is that elections have now shaped up since 2016 as a contest between the […]

Media Hide Fascist Ideology Of Ukrainian Militia Who Visit Congress

Moon of Alabama

Western’ media continue to denazify Ukraine by pretending that the Nazi formations in that country, which they had long decried, are now a harmless collection of celebrities. ‘Among the 215 Ukrainian prisoners of war released in the exchange were 108 members of the Azov Battalion.’ … It was easy to find some 40 stories in […]

Donbass Residents Explain Why They Voted To Join Russia

Vladislav Ugolny

The hope for reunification was based on the fact that Russia is a stable state governed by the rule of law, with fully-fledged institutions and an established civil society. Living their lives on the frontline of a geopolitical confrontation, Russians in Donbass dreamed that one day war would disappear. They hoped that Donbass would become […]

Ukraine’s European Lives Matter! Iraqi Vietnamese Asian MidEast African Latin Lives Didn’t! An Element of Racism?

Jay Janson

While it would be expected for Western media to report fully on civilian life taken in the Ukraine by the military of US designated enemy Russia, people in Asia, Africa, MiddleEast and Latin America are surly noticing an element of racism with so much media attention given White European lives lost  reminding them of the complete […]


Farooq Tariq.

At the time of writing, more than one-third of Pakistan is under water. Flash floods, generated by abnormal monsoon rains have so far claimed the lives of 1350 people. One million residential buildings are totally or partially damaged, leaving more than 50 million people displaced from their homes. Crucially, the flood is expected to add […]

Ende Gelande blockades “fossil capitalism”

Alice Swift

[Editor’s note: Ende Gelande translates roughly as “here and no farther”.] Since 2015, Ende Gelände has predominantly targeted brown coal in Germany which along with other groups like the Hambacher Forest occupation succeeded in pushing for a coal phase-out in Germany. However the new Social Democrat and Green Party coalition government have made clear that […]

‘Tools of Russia’: FBI Raid on Black Political Party Seen as Part of ‘Black Scare/Red Scare’ in United States

Julie Varughese

Black political organizations and other anti-imperialist groups condemned the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) raiding early Friday morning the properties of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and its solidarity organization in Saint Louis, Missouri, and in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Based on the description, APSP appears to be one of several unidentified groups and […]