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Welcome to Green Social Thought’s collection of economics articles. Take a deep dive into green economics perspectives. As advocates for environmental responsibility and social justice, we bring you insights into a transformative economic approach that challenges the status quo, particularly degrowth and union and worker rights.

In a world grappling with the consequences of excessive consumption and environmental degradation, degrowth stands as a bold alternative. Our articles explore the the green vision of reshaping our economic landscape, with a particular focus on scaling down unnecessary and detrimental aspects, such as military expenditures and empowering workers through unionization.

Explore the economic implications of embracing degrowth policies, from redefining prosperity to creating resilient and inclusive communities. Exploration of economic alternatives that prioritize people and the planet.

The Union Makes Us Strong: Understanding Trade Unionism in a Global Context

Kim Scipes

Discusses the need for labor activists to go beyond “lowest common denominator” union organizing.

Stop the Ukraine War: Refuse to Handle Military Cargo

CounterPunch News Service

The ILWU has always criticized NATO’s war moves. Since the end of World War II we’ve opposed U.S. wars and coups in Korea, Vietnam, Angola, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), Cuba (Bay of Pigs Invasion), Chile (coup), El Salvador and Nicaragua. On May Day 2008, ILWU shutdown all West Coast ports to oppose the “imperialist wars in […]

Bolivia Presents Revolutionary Socialist Program To Transform World

Ben Norton

Bolivia’s President Luis Arce used his platform at the United Nationss to propose a revolutionary 14-point socialist program to transform the world.  “Today we find ourselves facing a wide-ranging, systemic capitalist crisis that increasingly endangers the life of humanity and the planet,” he warned.  “We should not only reflect on the economic, social, food, climate, energy, […]

Chile’s Social Movements and Organized Labor Are Central to the Fight to Transform Society

René Rojas

On June 20, Gabriel Boric’s recently inaugurated reform government announced the closing of a copper smelter in the Punchuncaví-Quintero industrial corridor. The plant, which had polluted the air and riverways of the neighboring towns for decades, was frequently responsible for public health crises in the region. The most recent occurred in May when pollutants from […]

Evo Morales: UK Role in Coup That Ousted Him

Matt Kennard

When the coup was looking inevitable, Morales had gone underground.  Days after Morales and Linera arrived in El Trópico, Mexico’s left-wing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a plane to rescue them, flying them out of Chimoré airport again.  Obrador later said that the Bolivian armed forces targeted the aircraft with an RPG rocket moments after it took off. […]

The CIO Was One of the Most Successful Anti-Racism Movements in U.S. History

Michael Beyea Reagan

In the 1930s, a new type of union, an ​“industrial” union that welcomed all workers in a single workplace emerged as the cutting edge of working-class struggle. Previously, unions and employers both had a long history of racism and support for white supremacy. Certain jobs were reserved for whites, and Black workers were kept out of factories and […]

Seventy Five Years Later, Toll Of Taft-Hartley Weighs Heavily On Labor

Jonathan Kissam

The Taft-Hartley Act was the centerpiece of big business’s counterattack against a labor and people’s movement that had, over the previous decade, won major improvements for working people on factory floors and in the halls of Congress. From 1936 through World War II, the new industrial unions of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) — […]

Labor Activists Launch New Organization to Challenge AFL-CIO Foreign Policy

Kim Scipes

Announces a new initiative, LEPAIO (Labor Education Project on AFL-CIO International Operations), to challenge the AFL-CIO’s foreign policy.

The true scale of the global North’s economic appropriation of the South

Sarah Sleiman

A newly published report has found that the “advanced economies” of the global North rely much more intensively on appropriation of resources and labour from the global South than previous studies have suggested. The authors of the study bring forward the hidden costs of traded goods from the South by evaluating the scale of exploited […]

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