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GST Website todo

GST Website Todo:
Upgrade Drupal core to latest 7.x
Upgrade PathAuto to 7.x-1.3+ for "Pathauto Persist" functionality suggested for Workbench Moderation

XXXEnlarge "ratings given" DB field to 255chars, probably require database surgery.

XXXFix "avg rating" columns on workbench views to display 1-5 values instead of XX%.
XXXChange "# ratings" columns on workbench views to instead display voters' initials and votes, e.g. BrTo 5, RiBu 5, ElFa 4, EgRo 5
XXX-> maybe also add this as custom computed field to display on article teaser/full view?
XXXRatings should be hidden from reviewers (but visible to editors) until a story is published.
Add provision for raters to leave comments? Perhaps with this:

Install boost module for hoped performance improvement on Godaddy

Adjust moderation widget displayed at top of articles under review to also show latest moderation message (presently only visible under "moderate" tab).
XXXAlso fix node rendering problem with user rating and avg rating being superimposed when CSS and JS aggregation is enabled in the performance options.
XXXChange 5-stars to 10-stars.
XXXAdd byline column to Needs Review list
XXXChanged "updated" date column to date submitted
XXXFixed "My Drafts" and "My most recent edits" sections to be accurate.

Banner links mentioned to Oct 4 (about us, contact, subscriptions)
– query about static pages (about us, contact, etc) that were 

Reprint nodes
– clicking on title or "more" link for reprint nodes should go directly to reprint URL, no full node view
XXX- use extlink module to open such links in a separate window

Contact form
– add more categories for site-wide contact form, i.e. one for each topic section
– need to know  recipient email addresses to use for each topic section

"Access Denied" page should instead display something to effect of "this page isn't visible without logging in, please login below" and then forward user along if sufficient privilege.

XXXXAdd Book Nodes for internal documentation purposes

XXXAdd social media icons to Articles (i.e. promote sharing original content)
XXXGroup the editorial fields (ratings, time sensitive, etc) in a fieldset
XXXAdd printer-friendly link at bottom of Reprint and Article nodes

XXXEnable search function

XXXFilter strange chars from title strings used in URLs and email notifications.

5-Star enhancements:
– Make help text under ratings darker / more legible
– Try to clarify that the "Apply" button for the moderation state form above the ratings stars is unrelated.
– For users with reviewer-level permission, change the "hidden" blurb to at least show

"Needs Review" enhancements
XXX- Change to "hidden" blurb mentioned above
– Change "My Drafts" view to only display stories in Draft state
– Do something to better emphasize the stories in the Topic Section for the active user
– Email notification to listerv should include "on behalf of" header with submitter's email address, per


Three things:
– Clarification about where new GST webpage will live
– Query about static pages, 
– (forgot)

2 types of articles:
– Article (original content)
– Reprint

Content form changes
– Checkbox to indicate article is time-sensitive

Details on automated mailout article order:
– This feature is being developed as separate step
– Articles listed first in newsletter content, reprints listed second

Request to add ability to curate the list of article to send out via mail (e.g. trim down total list of stories)

Don's Form for summarizing status of article
– Topic section
– Avg Rating (1-5)
– Who has submitted ratings

Addl piece of information:
– who submitted original article, who did not?
– who submitted ratings, who did not?