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  • “Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society” by Michael Albert: A Review Essay

     “Practical Utopia:  Strategies for a Desirable Society by Michael Albert:  A Review Essay”  Oakland:  PM Press, 2017.  ISBN:  978-1-62963-381-7 By Kim Scipes   This is an important book.  It’s important because it asks questions that rarely if ever get asked, and it tries to provide coherent answers to them.  However, whether you agree or not…

  • Book Review: Endgame

    Book Review: Endgame

    When socialism first appeared as a modern political movement, it did so in a form that later came to be termed as ‘utopian.’ Charles Fourier, Robert Owen, Henri de Saint-Simon, and later Pierre Joseph Proudhon all strove to put forward plans and policies that they hoped would lead to a better, more desirable world. Such…