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Tag: environmental limits to growth

  • Fresh questions about solar power

    Fresh questions about solar power

    A field of destroyed solar panels after a storm in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2017. Photo by Jocelyn Augustino, FEMA Say that a restaurant offers “healthy, natural” chicken soup. How do you know what it means by “healthy” or “natural?” Farmers can cage chickens, feed them genetically-modified soy, wash butchered birds in antibiotics—and still…

  • What’s the deal with the Green New Deal?

    Among the encouraging political straws in the wind are the growing momentum in the United States and the United Kingdom, two leading carbon states, for something called the ‘Green New Deal’. I have some questions about it.These are questions from an interested and, to be clear, broadly sympathetic amateur. I'm not raising them in the…