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  • What Would a Deep Green New Deal Look Like?

    What Would a Deep Green New Deal Look Like?

    Drawing by Priti Cox. The Green New Deal has attracted perhaps the greatest attention of any proposal for decades. It would guarantee Medicare-for-All, Housing-for-All, student loan forgiveness and propose the largest economic growth in human history to address unemployment and climate change.   But the last of these hits a stumbling block. Creation of all…

  • What Does Black Lives Matter Want?

    Robin D.G. Kelley reports on the publication of a document expressing the guiding vision of the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • The First Demand for Slave Reparations

      This is written for those who argue against reparations for slavery on the grounds that slavery happened oh so very – too – long ago to be a rational idea; for those who contend that no living black people were slaves; who argue that no living white people were slave owners; for people who…