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Green Social Thought Endorses “Black People’s March” in Washington, D.C. and “Days for Reparations to African People”

Green Social Thought Endorses “Black People’s March” in Washington, D.C. on November 4 November 4, 2023, marks the 15th Annual March on the White House sponsored by the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, co-sponsored by an Anticolonial Free Speech Coalition that was formed last July. This year the “Black People’s…

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Green Social Thought Endorses “Black People’s March” in Washington, D.C. on November 4

November 4, 2023, marks the 15th Annual March on the White House sponsored by the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, co-sponsored by an Anticolonial Free Speech Coalition that was formed last July.

This year the “Black People’s March” calls for solidarity with all those targeted by the U.S. government’s mounting persecution. It is carried by a growing movement that aims at “correcting the course of history that has enslaved the world under an oppressive colonial mode of production that spawned capitalism, a system generally known as imperialism.”

The coalition currently consists of more than forty (40) organizations and many individuals spanning the ideological and political spectrum. It recognizes that the attack on the African People’s Socialist Party and Uhuru Movement “functions as the proverbial canary in the coal mine” and “refuses to allow the black liberation movement to be isolated and, through inactivity, function objectively as colonial accomplices.”

For the first time, anti-imperialists of every persuasion and nationality will be marching in unity with and under the leadership of African and other colonized peoples including the Indigenous who live under settler-colonial domination.

The “Black People’s March” will draw attention to the intensification of repression in every sector of U.S. society and around the world, from the Indigenous people in concentration camps euphemistically referred to as ‘Indian Reservations’ and barrios, to the continuation of imprisonment of migrant children in cages at the U.S. southern colonial border.

Participants will demand an end to the U.S.-sponsored terror waged against Palestinians and other Arabs fighting the colonial project in the Middle East, to free all political prisoners and to drop the spurious “RICO Act” charges against opponents of the Cop City project in Atlanta, Georgia.

These are just a few examples of what this march stands for, indicators of the growing repression in the wake of the July 29, 2022 military-style attack on the U.S.-based African Liberation Movement represented by the African People’s Socialist Party, the ensuing economic sanctions against the Uhuru Movement and bogus indictments as “Russian agents.”

Apparently, the crisis of U.S. imperialism is so pronounced that it cannot tolerate the much-vaunted free speech that is enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The free speech of colonized people is feared even more than the Second Amendment rights claimed by U.S. white settlers to bear arms.

Groups and organizations from all over the U.S. will march to the White House, as well as representatives of Indigenous people, including organizers of the Movement to Free Leonard Peltier, a glaring reminder of the protracted nature of the struggle against colonial oppression that is now, once again, exploding globally. Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Brazil and Venezuela are part of this exponential resurgence of the anti-colonial movement. Pushback against the revived Marcos regime will also be included. Africans will organize protests at the U.S. embassies in Pretoria, Azania (South Africa) and London. Unity demonstrations in Germany, Niger, Venezuela and possibly Australia are planned. Ideological and political shackles that prevented united collaboration against the colonial oppressors are being shattered everywhere.

Green Social Thought calls on all freedom-loving people to join the November 4th anticolonial free speech mobilization which declares that there will be “no return to the past of defeated humiliation” as experienced in the 1960s.

The “Black People’s March” will take the following demands to the White House:

  1. We demand to drop all charges on the “Uhuru 3,” and all others who have been targeted and politically imprisoned by the U.S. colonial state.
  1. We defend the democratic right of the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement to advocate and organize for the total liberation, reunification and self-determination of Africa and African people worldwide.
  1. We denounce all FBI/U.S. government raids, politically motivated indictments, arrests, surveillance, slander and attacks against the African (Black) Liberation Movement as well as against all anti-colonial movements and social justice, anti-war, anti-imperialist and free speech organizations and movements as exemplified by the attacks on “Stop Cop City” and “Tampa 5.”
  1. We demand the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to struggle to build our movements for justice, peace, liberation and unity of all peoples. We demand the right to speak out and associate with our allies without fear of reprisals from the U.S. government and colonial state.
  1. We demand the release of all political prisoners, including Leonard Peltier, Jalil Al-Amin, Mumia Abu Jamal, Ed Poindexter and many others. Drop all charges against Assata Shakur.
  1. We demand that all candidates and political parties contesting in the 2024 presidential and other elections adopt the demand to “Drop the Charges on the Uhuru 3” and other targeted organizations, whistleblowers and individuals.
  1. We demand an end to U.S. government attacks on Mexican, Navajo and other Indigenous peoples, the occupied Palestinian people, the Filipino people, African people in Haiti; Alex Saab and the people of Venezuela, and an end to the blockade on Cuba, and demand the lift on travel bans and the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.
  1. We demand the immediate cessation of U.S. funding of the war in Ukraine and that the billions of dollars being spent for that carnage be paid toward the long-overdue reparations demand by black people. With the July 29, 2022 attack on our freedom movement the colonizer has picked up a big rock and dropped it on its foot. We are uniting. And we are winning!

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Green Social Thought also endorses this year’s “Days for Reparations to African People,” organized by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement in the following U.S. cities:

Oakland, CA (Oct 2),

Louisville, KY (Oct 12),

Tacoma, WA (Oct 21),

St. Louis, MO (Oct 21) & National USM Conference (Oct 22)

St. Pete, FL (Oct 26)

The annual “Days for Reparations to African People” raise awareness to the fact that reparations are owed to African people for six centuries of colonialism, slavery and genocide that built the pedestal of white wealth and opportunity from which all white people benefit. White people must respect the right of African people to lead their own struggle for self-determination.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement aims to win white people to “reject our historic allegiance to the white ruling class and the system of white power imperialism and instead take a stand in principled unity with Africans, Mexicans, Indigenous, Arab and colonized, exploited peoples around the globe.”

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement organizes under the African People’s Socialist Party’s leadership throughout white communities in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere to build a genuine anti-imperialist movement inside the “belly of the beast.” USM calls on all white people who hate injustice, oppression and war to join and build the movement for reparations and solidarity with African liberation.

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