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Tag: ecosocialism

  • Was Marx an ecosocialist? A reply to Kohei Saito.

    Thanks to careful reading of Marx’s Notebooks, Saito brilliantly shows how Marx abandoned the idea that agricultural productivity could increase indefinitely under socialism until, in 1865-1868, he came to the opposite conclusion that only socialism could stop the absurd and destructive capitalist tendency to unlimited growth.

  • Responding to a Planetary Emergency

    Radical Democracy: Towards a global ecosocialist alternative   On the agenda globally is the re-emergence of a comprehensive vision of a future beyond capitalism. And just in time, given the emergence of neofascism as potentially the last gasp of a dying capitalist order.       In what follows, we have combined critique of the dangerous path…

  • Green Party Debates Green New Deal

    Green Party Debates Green New Deal by Don Fitz Despite the furor over the Green New Deal (GND), many of its supporters have no idea of the wide variety of views on it, especially within the Green Party (GP), where it originated in the US. From June through August, 2019 Missouri Greens held public discussions…

  • Actually, We Don’t Need To Grow the Economy

    The term degrowth comes from French ecosocialist André Gorz, and until recently was mainly used by European academics. Indigenous movements in Latin America, however, have provided perhaps the best model of a degrowth movement, resisting mining and deforestation projects and building cooperative economies outside the capitalist market.

  • Radical Ecological Democracy

    Is degrowth, or the reduction of material and energy uses for human use, a valid and viable strategy for the Global South, i.e. countries and populations that have not reached an excessive or even acceptable level of prosperity? Perhaps not. What is needed is for these regions to find their own home-grown visions and pathways…