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  • Germany’s green energy quest stalls

    LONDON, 8 January, 2020 – The city of Munich – one of Europe’s wealthiest urban conurbations – has expansive plans to tackle the fast-growing problems associated with climate change: its policies are a good example of Germany’s green energy quest, the Energiewende. At the end of last year Munich, Germany’s third largest city with a…

  • We Need Biodiversity-Based Agriculture to Solve the Climate Crisis

    We can repair the Earth's ruptured carbon cycle by recarbonizing it with the living carbon of biodiversity. The Earth is living, and also creates life. Over 4 billion years the Earth has evolved a rich biodiversity — an abundance of different living organisms and ecosystems — that can meet all our needs and sustain life.

  • The Strategy of Maximal Extraction

    How Donald Trump Plans to Enlist Fossil Fuels in the Struggle for Global Dominance The new U.S. energy policy of the Trump era is, in some ways, the oldest energy policy on Earth. Every great power has sought to mobilize the energy resources at its command, whether those be slaves, wind-power, coal, or oil, to…

  • Obama’s Hidden Role in Worsening Climate Change

    It should be a scandal that leftists-liberals paint Trump as a special threat, a war mongerer – not Obama who is the first president to be at war everyday of his eight years, who is waging seven wars at present, who dropped three bombs an hour, 24 hours a day, the entire 2016. Here is some…

  • Germany’s Energy Transition: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Immerath, 90 km away from the German city of Cologne, has become a ghost town. The local church bells no longer ring and no children are seen in the streets riding their bicycles. Its former residents have even carried off their dead from its cemetery. Expansion of Garzweiler, an open-pit lignite mine, has led to…

  • An Electric-Power Giant is Poised to Fail

    David battling Goliath is a cliché. But how else to describe the struggle between a rural electric co-op and its powerful supplier of electricity?