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  • Nuclear Fusion: Don’t believe the hype!

    In a dramatic scientific and engineering breakthrough, researchers at the Bay Area’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently achieved the long-sought goal of generating a nuclear fusion reaction that produced more energy than was directly injected into a tiny reactor vessel. By the very next day, pundits well across the political spectrum were touting that breakthrough…

  • Fresh questions about solar power

    Fresh questions about solar power

    A field of destroyed solar panels after a storm in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2017. Photo by Jocelyn Augustino, FEMA Say that a restaurant offers “healthy, natural” chicken soup. How do you know what it means by “healthy” or “natural?” Farmers can cage chickens, feed them genetically-modified soy, wash butchered birds in antibiotics—and still…

  • Natural Gas Rush Drives a Global Rise in Fossil Fuel Emissions

    A surge in natural gas has helped drive down coal burning across the United States and Europe, but it isn't displacing other fossil fuels on a global scale. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are also failing to cut emissions fast enough, the report says, as much of their growth has provided new…

  • What Is Energy Denial?

    What Is Energy Denial? by Don Fitz The fiftieth anniversary of the first Earth Day of 1970 will be in 2020. As environmentalism has gone mainstream during that half a century, it has forgotten its early focus and shifted toward green capitalism. Nowhere is this more apparent than abandonment of the slogan popular during the…

  • Workers Seize the Shipyard That Built the Titanic, Plan to Make Renewable Energy There

    The closure of the last shipyard in Belfast would end centuries of ship building in the city. A group of workers are demanding the U.K. nationalize the yards.

  • Biomass is Not “Green”: an Interview With Josh Schlossberg

    Josh Schlossberg is an investigative journalist, horror author and former environmental organizer who lives in Denver, Colorado. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Biomass Monitor, a subscription-supported publication that bills itself as “the nation’s leading publication investigating the whole story on bioenergy, biomass, and biofuels.” In early September 2018, I was visiting Colorado and…

  • Trump has Plenty of Accomplices in his Reckless Energy Policies

    The nation’s entrenched fossil-nuclear corporate elites are more focused on propping up the industries of the past than embracing the technologies of the future.

  • The Strategy of Maximal Extraction

    How Donald Trump Plans to Enlist Fossil Fuels in the Struggle for Global Dominance The new U.S. energy policy of the Trump era is, in some ways, the oldest energy policy on Earth. Every great power has sought to mobilize the energy resources at its command, whether those be slaves, wind-power, coal, or oil, to…

  • Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

    Carla Skandier points out that public ownership of the fossil fuel industry is necessary to combat global warming.

  • 100 Percent Wishful Thinking:  The Green-Energy Cornucopia

    100 Percent Wishful Thinking: The Green-Energy Cornucopia

    Hurricane Irma passes by the eastern end of Cuba (NOAA)   At the People’s Climate March back last spring, all along that vast river of people, the atmosphere was electric. But many of the signs and banners were far too focused on electricity. Yes, here and there were solid “System Change, Not Climate Change” –…